About Rap Sheet App

How much is the app and why do you charge?

The app is $3.99 for Google Play Android and Apple Iphone. However, you can use the free version with advertisements for Google Play only.

How do I create an account?

If you are 13-years-old or above, you can download the app. Once you log in, your account is automatically created.

How do I report a false claim, libel, or slander?

You can dispute any review on any profile. Please contact us at therapsheetapp@gmail.com with your dispute. Our response rate is within 72 hours.

I have been cyber-bullied. What should I do?

You should email us at therapsheetapp@gmail.com directly so that we can ban the user, and go here to get additional help if you feel negatively impacted.

Someone said something to me that hurt my feelings; what should I do?

If someone said something which hurt your feelings, either remove your account, or email us at therapsheetapp@gmail.com to see if it qualifies as defamation of character, libel, or slander. If it does, we will ban that user. If your feelings are badly hurt, we suggest you go and speak with someone in order to express this hurt and unburden yourself.